Tuesday, November 15, 2011

September - October Update

Hello November! I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is a little over a week away. Where has the time gone?!? September was a good month for us in that we were able to take our first “family trip” together since Wesley has been home. We were flying back east to visit Brian’s family in New Hampshire. The weeks leading up to the trip gave me a ton of anxiety but as it turns out, it was all for nothing. Wesley hadn’t been on a plane since we flew him home from Seoul and we had no idea how he’d react. Then, we had to deal with the issue of him sleeping somewhere other than his own crib – something else we haven’t done yet. And finally, he was going to be meeting a lot of family members (and a few very close friends) and there was some concern of him being overwhelmed. Well, the little dude was a Class A Champ. We decided to bring his car seat on the plane and when we initially got him in his seat he freaked out, and of course everyone started giving us the stink eye. Although this is EXACTLY what we had expected, Brian and I started sweating profusely, then I pulled out the infamous “hammer” that Wesley doesn’t go anywhere without and some snacks and low and behold, the crying/screaming stopped! Who knew?

The rest of the flight was great. We were prepared with many of his favorite toys/books as well as some news ones (thanks to the advice of some of my mom friends) and of course snacks and we were good to go. Brian’s mom was able to borrow a pack-n-play for us to use for Wesley’s nap and sleep time and it was perfect! We all slept in the same room and he did awesome! We had a fabulous dinner our first night in Wolfeboro at Brian’s mom’s house where Wesley was able to meet Brian’s sister and her family as well as some family friends and Brian’s mom’s partner, Ben. Wesley and our niece Mikayla really hit it off. The two of them ended up spending a lot of time together during our stay in Wolfeboro, NH. It was really cute.

Brian's family playing punch ball with Wesley

I got the punch ball!

Wesley and Mikayla hanging out.

One very important visit while in New Hampshire was a trip to see Brian’s grandmother “Gram” (who just turned 100 by the way on November 3) so that Wesley could meet his only Great-grandparent. Brian’s Aunt Fran put together a lovely lunch at Gram’s house and we had a wonderful visit. Wesley managed to entertain everyone by doing summersaults and singing his ABC’s. He was also quite taken and intrigued by Gram’s walker and kept trying to swing from the arm(s) of it. That’s my son.

Gram, Me, Wesley and Brian

Wesley checking out Gram's walker.

Aunt Fran and Uncle Bob

I always love it when we visit Wolfeboro. It’s a very special place to me for many reasons: 1) It’s Brian’s hometown. 2) Many people that I/we love live there. 3) People that live there just seem to have a better quality of life (it is “THE Oldest Summer Resort in America”). 4) It truly is a beautiful New England town.
Our flight home wasn’t as smooth – we had some delays and a few other hiccups along the way, and got home around 2am, but again Wesley was a trooper. All and all, it was a great trip and we had a wonderful time!

Brian's mom, brother-in-law, niece and sister.

Mr. and Mrs. Santoro, good friends of the family (they're basically family).

Hanging out at a local park in Wolfeboro with Wesley.

Our Wolfeboro family - we miss them all so much already!

In August of last year we found out that neighbors of ours across the street (in our old neighborhood) were adopting a little boy from South Korea from the same agency that we were using. Since then, we met their son Aiden (who is a cutie) and as it turns out both boys now go to the same daycare. We finally managed to get the boys together for a play date after we returned from New Hampshire. They had a blast!

Aiden and Wesley getting ready to go down the slide.


The boys hug before we say our final good-byes.

Wesley was desperately missing his best girl Kira (our goddaughter) since the last time we got together, so her mama and I made plans to meet up at a place called Apple Hill not too far from where we live. Kira and her parents, Alison and Jim made the drive from the Bay Area up to Folsom and then the five of us headed to the Foothills towards Apple Hill for some fresh apple goodness, fun and more! Our first stop was a place called Rainbow Orchards. They are known for their hot, fresh apple donuts. Mmmmm, just writing about them makes my mouth water. We ordered some for the kids and a few (or more) for us adults and some organic apple cider and had a nice little snack to start our trip.

Kira and Wesley snacking on their warm, fresh apple donuts. Mmmmm!

Then, we headed off to High Hill Ranch where there is literally something for everyone. Arts, crafts, kettle corn, apple pies, pony rides, train rides, and let’s not forget the infamous Fudge Factory. The kids went straight for the train ride (Wesley’s first EVER). Lots of fun and laughs for all! Kira was a brave little gal and went on the pony ride – Wesley was completely fine admiring her from afar. Then, Uncle Jim scored some brownie points by buying the kids some fish food to feed the trout (I think that’s what they were?). All of the activities and excitement started to get to Wesley and his sugar high from the apple donuts had definitely worn off, so it was time for us to hit the road. So, we said “Good-bye” to Apple Hill and hit the highway.

Wesley's first train ride. Whoa!!!!

Maybe I'll lean in to get a little closer to my girl. . . Hee, hee!

Kids feeding fish - is there anything cuter?

Thank you Auntie Alison for holding Wesley's arm so that he didn't go into the lake.

From their point-of-view. LOVE this one!

October was also a good month for us in the sense that I started working again at the end of the month. I took a contract job for the next 3-4 months with a local credit union in their Marketing Department while one of their employees is on maternity leave. There is a full-time position currently open in the department that I’m vying for while I’m on contract, so we’ll see. . . I really like the people I work with/for and I’m enjoying the job thus far. It’s so good to be using my brain again and to get the creative juices flowing. I will admit that although it was stressful being out of work for three months, it was nice to spend some quality time with my little peanut. He and I got even closer these past few months and I really got to experience his ever-developing personality. He is smart, funny, caring, loving and I couldn’t imagine a little boy more perfect for our family.

As Halloween began to approach we took a trip to our favorite pumpkin patch, Zittel Farms. My parents joined us again in our quest for the PERFECT pumpkin. Our first stop was to visit some goats grazing on some grass (behind a gate of course). Then, the “search” began. We took a few breaks to take some pictures and a wagon ride or two. Then, the search continued. A stop at the petting zoo is a MUST! And, finally we were on our way with one GIANT pumpkin.

Looking at the goats with Grandy (my Mom)

Family photo

How did we go from THIS. . .

To THIS?!?

I LOVE the petting zoo!

We called Wesley the "Pig Whisperer."

Halloween was really fun this year for Wesley; he really “got” the concept. His daycare hosted a “Trunk or Treat” event a few days prior where the kids dressed up and Trick or Treated (in the closed off parking lot) from decorated car to decorated car getting treats along the way which really helped prep him for the real deal. We’re in a new neighborhood now so we weren’t sure what to expect - Brian stayed home to greet the Trick or Treaters and Wesley and I headed out to get his “treats.” Once we went out into the neighborhood, we saw that it was pretty much empty which made me a little sad, but once Wesley started knocking on doors, our neighbors were so thrilled to see him, it really made their night and ours. He got such a kick out of the whole ritual, it was a precious sight. We hit a handful of houses and then headed home to keep Daddy company. Wesley was able to answer the door a few times which also was exciting for him. Then, it was time for our little dragon to head off to bed.

Me and Wesley at the Trunk or Treat event.

Our little dragon.

Mezmorized by his claws.

That’s our September and October and yes, I know that we’re already halfway through November so that post is already late – but I promise it will get up before December hits. Really! :)