Wednesday, April 28, 2010

11 Months & Our New Addition

Today our Little Peanut is 11 months old. I can't believe how fast time has gone by. I mean some days/weeks go by slow (especially when I'm being impatient) but when I look back to when we first saw Wesley's sweet face in November, I can't believe that he's almost a year old. We sent off his 1st birthday care package to Colorado today. One of my adoption mom friends has graciously offered to take it with her when she travels early May (thanks K). Although I'm sad that we will not be celebrating Wesley's special day with him, I know that his foster mom will make it a great day for him.

Now, on to the recent exciting news in our family. My little brother's fiance Kelli delivered their baby boy this past Friday evening. It is my brother Jonathan's first child and he is absolutely beautiful. His name is Brooks Jonathan. In our family, on my father's side, if you have a son, they take the father's first name as their middle name. I'm not really sure how far back this goes, but I think it's pretty cool. Here is a photo of my adorable nephew.

There really isn't any new "news" on an estimated travel date for us to pick up Wesley. The next batch of exit permits should be submitted within the next day or so. I'm praying that a few of my adoption mom friends will be in this batch! Hopefully, this will also give us an indication of some sort of whether we will be submitted in May or June. Either way, I know it's coming soon. Hang on Wesley, Mommy & Daddy are coming for you soon!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

BBQ & Build-A-Bear Adventure

I've been dying to try at least one or two of the Korean restaurants in the area before we head to Seoul so this past Friday night I asked Brian if he was up for a little food adventure after work. He reluctantly said "yes" not fully knowing what he was agreeing to. After I did some online research (food reviews & Facebook recommendations) we decided on a place called Oz Korean BBQ (Brian wasn't quite ready for a "hole-in-the-wall" type of place). Their whole deal is that you grill your own food (meat & veggies) at the table. Their slogan is "All You Can Grill & Eat!" I instantly knew that we were in for an adventure. My main goal for the night was to try two dishes; 1) Bulgogi and 2) Kimchi.

Although we went into the evening (and the restaurant) with an open mind, we also figured that this was going to be not-so-authentic and more on the "experience" or schtick. Well, I'm happy to say that we were pleasantly surprised. Great food, great service and lots of fun! And, MAN - a ton of food! There were the "starters" which consisted of kimchi, wasabi salad, sprout salad, radish salad, jalapeno & cabbage mixture, broccoli with some sort of sauce and finally the "little fishes."
Here's a picture of just some of the starters. I really liked the kimchi and the sprouts.

Ok, so back to the "little fishes." We're not quite sure what they were. That was the only item all night that I didn't try. It looked like a little bowl of minnows. You could see their eyes. Enough said, right? I dared Brian to try them. Here is a photo I snapped with my phone of his reaction just after he put the "little fishes" in his mouth. I think it pretty much sums it up. . .

So, we had a blast and I will have to say that I now LOVE bulgogi!!! I really have no other version to compare it to, but OMG it was sooo good. I can't wait to go to our next Korean restaurant of choice and order it again.

Now, on to the Build-A-Bear portion of the weekend. As many of you know, sadly our Little Peanut will not be home with us to celebrate his 1st birthday on May 28th. We are in the process of putting together a care package to send over with the usual goodies, but we wanted something extra special for his special day. My good adoption friend Lori gave me an idea awhile back that has stuck with me (thanks Lori). Build-A-Bear for those that don't know, is an adorable "workshop" in the mall that allows kids (and adults) to choose, stuff, stitch, fluff and dress your furry friend. What was particularly appealing to us was that you can also record a personal message that can be inserted to be played when you hit the stuffed animal's pawl or foot.

We decided to take a trip to Build-A-Bear on Sunday and meet up with my brother's fiance and her 5 year old son Jaden. We selected a monkey which we named "Manny" and we recorded a personal birthday greeting to Wesley from Mom & Dad. He will hear our voices and his American name for the first time when we send Manny next month. The whole experience was fun and Jaden was very helpful showing us the ropes since he was clearly the experienced Build-A-Bear expert :)
Here is a photo of our Manny the Monkey all decked out in the outfit we selected.

It was a very fun weekend full of new experiences and fun thoughts of things to come with our Little Peanut Wesley. I continue to think good thoughts about my fellow adoptive moms - it seems as though things are moving along. Hopefully, we will have some good news to share soon.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Being "Paper Pregnant"

Today marks 5 months since we received the referral for our sweet Little Peanut. Then, if you go back to when we officially went on the Boys List, that goes back to June. In total, we're coming up on 10 months being what we call in our home, "paper pregnant."

In the grand scheme of things, our adoption process is moving much faster with Korea than it ever did (still does) with China. Our last update from our China agency had the China Center for Adoption Affairs placing children whose adoptive parents had their paperwork logged in before April 17, 2006. Ours was logged in July 31, 2007. To give you an idea of how quickly they move, in the last year, they took almost 1 year to move 1 month in placements. Obviously, we still have a long way to go if we want to continue our long journey with China.

So, although there are days when it seems like we have been "paper pregnant" FOREVER, I think of how far we've come since we started down the adoption path. And really, what are a few more months when we get to spend the rest of our lives with Wesley?

Friday, April 9, 2010

For Mom Fuller

My wonderful mother-in-law lives on the East Coast so unfortunately, she hasn't been here to participate in our baby showers, shopping trips, etc. I do my best to keep her up to speed by talking on the phone and emailing and she follows this blog but I know it's not the same. I'm sure it's hard on her not being here. I know that I miss her and obviously Brian does too. The last time we spoke on the phone, I was telling her about the cute clothes I had just purchased for Wesley on one of my "retail therapy" trips. And you know, explaining it on the phone just isn't the same. So, Mom Fuller this one's for you. . .

Here are a few photos of some of my favorite outfits for Wesley (some are ones I've bought, some are gifts):

This is one of my most recent purchases - I LOVE the camo!

These are 2 shirts from one of my favorite clothing companies - Tea. This season's collection focuses on Korea. These were a gift from Chris & Alyssa good friends of ours - um, adorable?

Again with the camo - LOVE IT! This outfit is from one of my favorite stores, Peek. Our great friends Vic & Chip gave us this @ our couples shower. The back of the shirt is shown after. Sooo cute!

Every little boy HAS to have a GAP outfit. Just love the little cargo jeans.

This is just a sample Mom Fuller, but at least you can see what is going on in Wesley's closet. We can't wait to see you when you come out to meet him - we're counting the months. Love you. :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just Had To Share

I went into the Gap Outlet today and just couldn't resist buying a few shirts for Wesley. One in particular caught my eye and I just had to share. The shirt says it all. . .

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Positive Day & Songs For Our Boy

Today was a great day for my adoption mom friends. Many FINALLY got the good news that their exit permits were submitted to the Korean government. Hopefully, they will all travel within the next month or so to pick up their precious children. This was some positive news that we all needed to hear after a few months of hearing news of delays. So, it was a day filled with smiles and well wishes. Congrats to my fellow adoption moms - I'm sooo happy for you!!!

In celebration of this happy news, I decided to play my iTunes "Baby Mix" on the computer at work this afternoon to get through the rest of my day. Those of you that know me well know that I'm a big music fan and that I LOVE making mixes. So, I thought that I would share my top 10 favorite songs that remind me of or that celebrate our sweet Wesley. Enjoy!

Top 10 Wesley/Baby Boy Songs (not in any particular order)
1. Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) - John Lennon
2. Little Star - Madonna
3. Baby - Dave Matthews
4. I Am A Child - Neil Young
5. God Bless The Child - Shania Twain
6. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life - Stevie Wonder
7. I Hope You Dance - Lee Ann Womack w/Sons of the Desert
8. Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
9. Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson
10. Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) - Dixie Chicks